Hi there, I’m Meridian ! ☻

I'm a non-binary Chicanx artist, my pronouns are they/them!

I use new and recycled materials along with screen printed text and imagery to create special 1 of 1 pieces for all genders and bodies!

I’m exploring themes of gender expression, self love, spirituality, fluidity, sex positivity, bodily autonomy along with ideas of anti-authoritarianism. 

My body of work is self reflective of my morals, ethics and values as an ever growing and evolving being.

My work has been featured in the LA Art Bookfair, NAH Fair and SFV Zinefest. Find my full exhibition list here.

I received my BFA in painting with a Minor in Creative Writing from Otis College of Art in Design in 2015.

I’m currently residing in Los Angeles, CA.

Please email me for any questions or comments: